Work in progress: Ruland-Maksutov 300

Sky-Watcher is currently prototyping a new catadioptric telescope based on a new design by Lichtenknecker Optics. The design is a sub-aperture corrected telescope with integrated field flattener. The sub-aperture corrector and the field flattener are designed to work as a two group of two lenses system.

The two group of two lenses system allows unrivaled correction. The polychromatic Strehl ratio of the instrument is more than 0.95 for wavelengths between 420nm to 880nm, far better than the diffraction limited value (0.8 Strehl ratio)

From this design Sky-Watcher is prototyping a 300mm F/D 10 telescope with a central obstruction of 0.35 and a 62mm field. Without the need of a full diameter frontal meniscus the weight will be kept below the maximum load of the AZ-EQ6 mount.

Please remember it is a current work in progress and specifications are subject to change (to even better values smiley) anytime in the development phase.